Games and company believes in the process of creating new experiences. It’s about venturing into the unknown and constantly learning, adapting and frequently asking ourselves the question:
“What is the value that a game can add to the player’s life?”

Games have the power to transform thinking and create challenges that people can overcome together by strengthening their bonds.
Therefore our mission is simple – by combining art with technology and entertainment to create the games that bring people together.


The Developer:

Roel Schuring

I’ve been working on videogames since I was about 12 years old. Creating mostly board games and occasionally dipping my toes in programming. Started with Game Maker more then 15 years ago, learned developing with Commodore BASIC, Actionscript 2 and finally ending up settling on programming with C# together with Unity.
I’ve also been working with 3D modeling programs, pixel art, texture work and animation from 2007 up til the present.

In free time I repair, modify and collect old consoles and computers. Occasionally building and fly FPV freestyle quadcopters.